Affiliate Marketing Systems: Making Money as You Sleep

May 23rd, 2017

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Affiliate marketing systems - making money as you sleep

Earning money while you’re sleeping or enjoying your vacation - is that possible at all?

Advertising Technologies (AdTech) and Marketing Technologies (MarTech) are gaining momentum right now. One obvious reason for this is the fact that more and more people get to the world wide web every single day. What's more - more and more people rely on online services for work, school, food deliveries, ordering taxis, you name it. Therefore the competition is rising as businesses begin to utilize the tools available on the market. Affiliate marketing systems are an example of such adtech/martech ecosystem. Let's find out why they are so successful.


Basically, affiliate marketing is the idea of a partnership. Think of Google AdWords - this is a grand-scale affiliate marketing for showing ads, where there is someone who needs to present their products (or websites, or services, or anything, really) to the audience and there are publishers, who sign up for the program and place widgets on their websites where the ad content will be shown.

While this can be done via usual partnership (you go to your friend and ask him to display a picture with a link to your website on his blog), affiliate marketing allows to do this on a much larger scale and reach a much wider audience.

As a result, AMS present an opportunity to earn extra cash (or more than just extra cash) to individuals because a growing number of people and companies have a website or blog of their own where ads can be shown and thousands of companies are looking for affiliates to help promote their products and services.


There are many affiliate marketing programs one can join as a publisher as well as an advertiser, but having your own system - once you define your niche - will also bring money because it will be a passive income. You present the platform for people to use and then improve it, working out the features and details to stand out among the competitors.

Even the sky isn’t the limit to the features you can create for the affiliate marketing systems - choose publishers you like as advertiser, choose which ad category you’d like to be shown on your website, track how many clicks did your ad get on a certain website, etc.

Grossum team already had several projects that dealt with affiliate marketing and we offer the expertise and services to those who are interested in developing their own AMS.

What can we do for you?

CONSULTING: Our AMS & big data experts can find you the best solution for your needs and wants in regards to the development of a platform for your business. You have a question – we have an answer!

AUDIT & TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: When it comes to affiliate marketing systems, one has to understand that the amount of traffic and server load are going to be increasing exponentially once the project takes off. To tackle this, we have experts not only in the area of AMS, but also big data, high load, and DevOps, who will make sure that your system doesn't crash once people start using it. 

If you already have an AMS and want to evaluate its performance to see if it can be enhanced, we can audit your platform and identify areas for improvement, 

DEVELOPMENT: We have a team of developers who are experts in creating Marketing Affiliate Systems. We also can create the technical documentation for the project.

Our services also include:

  • Database optimization
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Notification System
  • Load balancing
  • System backup
  • 24/7 Support

Need affiliate marketing system development?

Author: Alexander

Alexander is the Head of IT at the APP Solutions/Grossum as well as a software developer with over 5 years production experience working on web application and services. He enjoys writing well-tested and clean code which solves real problems. His proficiency areas include web architecture, design and implementation of business applications, and loaded services. In his everyday work, he uses PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and RabbitMQ. He prefers to work on a server side, though confident of doing client-side JavaScript as well.

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