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August 8th, 2017

Symfony // Grossum Possum

Have you been looking for a web application development framework to help enhance your work and practice? Have you been frustrated by other frameworks that didn't work for you? Symfony is the best web application framework that will not disappoint you amidst your project. This is because it has the foundation of PHP components that are recyclable. The reliability and accuracy of this framework have been proved. This is the reason why the popularity of the framework is not a debate but a fact.

Speed and efficiency are paramount to any business-related activity. Web developers are always in search of the best frameworks to enhance their work. It is important for every businessperson to check out the most popular web application framework from a trustworthy library. The best framework can be tailored to meet all generic requirements mapped to include both current and future goals.

Symfony is a combination of a good community, professional support and wide documentation on the framework. This is advantageous to any user, whether experts or novice, regarding ease of use. This flexibility and ease of use have enhanced its popularity since many people can read about and apply in their work without merely understanding it wholly. Symfony is dependable!

Symfony as the best web application framework

While it is possible to avoid using application frameworks in project development, opting for "pure language code", if you do choose to use a framework, it is advisable to select the best one to accomplish your desired goals. Since we understand the task of selecting a web application framework, we provide with adequate information about Symfony that will, hopefully, let you know what you need to know about it. Symfony - the best PHP web application framework (according to our humble opinion) - has various advantages that have won people’s trust. The following are some of the advantages:


Since its conception, Symfony has earned trust from the users due to efficiency coupled with durability. The active philosophy and its community form a fundamental part of its strength over other frameworks in the market. The goal of the community is to take PHP instruments to the next level. Framework’s popularity determines how well a product is sold in the market. Competition is continually growing intense. However, with the stable popularity that Symfony has gained, web users can rely on it in their work. It has helped sustain the opportunities this framework had over the years.


Symfony has its origin in a company that has lasted for more than 15 years now. The permanence aspect of this web app framework is the other advantage that has contributed to its popularity. Every entrepreneur is interested in durable frameworks for their work; Symfony is available to provide this. Also, the company gives every customer an allowance of three years with close monitoring to offer further support.


Symfony frameworks are based on creativity and innovation of quality. This has ensured technological advancements in the industry. It is rated as the most used web application framework. Also, a secure web application framework guarantees excellent web operations. Web developers would like to associate with frameworks that make their lives and work easier.


Symfony does not restrict any user to the constructs of the Symfony applications with entirety. It is the only enterprise web application framework that allows you to alter and build various software using its constituent pieces such as translations management. This aspect allows the web users and business people to design technologies that will meet their unique requirements. Through adapting them, Symfony web framework developers are determined to the PHP components. Besides, as long as you are using Symfony, you will never be in the wrong. This is why it is the most used framework in the world.

Symfony Philosophy

The community of this best open source web application framework believes in ensuring flexibility to enable each user to achieve standardized operations. The four principles of Symfony include evolution, clarity, simplicity, and application of best standards of web frameworks. This software application is unique in every way. If you want to forget about any challenge you have ever faced with creating a code for your framework, forget about them by choosing Symfony!

Symfony software developers believe in a simple philosophy of enhancing professionalism in people’s work.

Symfony was formulated in a way that accommodates other software in its operation. The promise to all customers of this software is improvements each time to keep enhancing their operations and quality of work done. There are numerous and unique characteristics of Symfony software. You have a reason to select this software and enjoy the quality service it brings your way.

Author: Grossum Possum

Grossum Possum. He loves using Symfony2 for his projects and learning to implement Symfony3. He also likes developing web and mobile applications using other programming languages and frameworks, such as PHP and Java. In his free time, Grossum Possum likes to write about his experiences in the blog.

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