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March 24th, 2017

Grossum News // Zee

On Thursday, March 23, #DevInnerConf took place at the Grossum office.

Sharing our knowledge with the world at various events and conferences is great, but there are not enough opportunities when we can actually hear one of our colleagues talk about what they do in detail (besides simply knowing they do “web development.”)

There were several goals for the conference:

  • Raising the team members’ level of knowledge by listening to the team members.
  • Providing the platform to share the experience, both good and bad, to help each other work more efficiently.
  • Giving the opportunity to develop public speaking skills in a nice friendly atmosphere where the speaker knows everyone instead of doing it in front of numerous people s/he doesn’t know.

The speakers were free to choose their own topic and choose they did!

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts where we’ll talk about each of those topics above in detail!

Thanks to all those who participated as great organizers, prepared speakers, and attentive audience.

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Author: Zee

Zee is in charge of the Marketing at the APP Solutions/Grossum. Her areas of interest include quantum physics, astronomy, new trends in the web & mobile development (especially in the areas of AI and machine learning) and digital marketing instruments.

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