Own Dedicated Web / Mobile Team: How Does It Work?

April 18th, 2017

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Dedicated teams (or, as they are also known, Team Extensions) are gaining popularity these days. There are times when traditional (Fixed Price or Time & Material) models of IT outsourcing don't work for you.

One of the things we hear often is "How do I know that the developers are fully concentrated on my project and not someone else's they are working on during other hours?"

If you're thinking this, a dedicated team of software developers (and QA engineers and PMs and DevOps and whoever else your project requires) might be a solution for your business.

This is a perfect solution when you basically want to outsource HR (hiring, retaining, and even firing, if necessary) and administrative responsibilities regarding your IT people. Consider Grossum as a mediator while you have full control over your employees.

It all starts with finding people for you. After we have defined what are the requirements for your project, our HR team sets out to look for suitable candidates for your project. After a preliminary screening, we present you the best-fitting resumes.

Next step is for you to interview the developers - this is done because you know the project better than anyone else, therefore you will know which skills are ultimately needed (besides the simple "Need a PHP developer for a social media project" that we can tell the software engineer.) Another thing that is important at this stage: you can see whether you can work as a team - people are different and sometimes the personalities clash. You have the opportunity to interview all the candidates we have proposed so that you are satisfied with the workers for your future team.

Finally, when you have chosen your Dream Team, we sign the contract.

What's next? Share the necessary information and accesses with your developers, involve them in the Project, and enjoy working together!

When is Dedicated Team a good option?

  • Cost reduction in comparison with the other outsourcing models
  • Complete implementation of best practices regarding all aspects of development and project management
  • Fully transparent, flexible and scalable outsourcing approach
  • Access to the best IT professionals on the market

When is it better to think about Time & Material outsourcing model?

  • When you want to scale easily & quickly 
  • When you require peak-resources for the project urgently
  • When you don't depend on project's duration (short-term / long-term) but you have dynamically changing requirements

Want to setup your own dedicated team?

Read more about Fixed Price and Time & Material Outsourcing here.

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