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Businesses are moving online and even local offline retailers are migrating to the online universe to make their products visible as well as give an opportunity to purchase the goods to those who, for some reason, can't come to their store.

There are giants in this field, such as Amazon and eBay, but there are many other smaller businesses that thrive using e-commerce.

Business management related to e-commerce is not an easy task. Juggling multichannel sales, search for suitable products, dealing with suppliers, working on marketing and customer relationships - this is only a tip of an iceberg of the tasks that are involved in managing e-commerce company. However, we can help you figure the development part of this business and streamline the processes.

Grossum offering

We have worked with Magento (open-source), OpenCart (open-source), ORO Commerce (open-source) & Hermes (created by the team at the Grossum – fully customizable own e-commerce platform).



Understanding how your business works involves making sure your project's architecture fits the needs. Whether you are developing a project from the very start or revamping it, taking a look at the architecture of your project will help you identify challenging areas and streamline the processes.


We have extensive experience in developing complex solutions (including big data and high load projects) using Symfony, PHP, Java, and other technologies your project might require.


Making sure that your project works perfectly and does all that what was expected of it on all platforms you need, our QA engineers check and test the project. This isn't simply "finding errors" but making sure that your project meets the requirements.


We use Agile methodology in all our work. This includes planning ahead and yet staying relatively flexible to the ever-changing market needs. The development is done in iterations, so you can see progress.

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Bomond: Perfume & Make-up (Ukraine)

Bomond.ua is a company that specializes on selling premium-brand perfumes and make-up. Their old website had to be redone.

CandyBox Lingerie

Candybox Love (Canada)

Candybox Love brings you the hottest and sexiest lingerie, dresses, costumes and accessories to complement your digital life. Proudly Canadian.

Studio Fashion

Studio Fashion (Ukraine)

Studio Fashion is an e-commerce website for designer clothes as well as popular fashion brands' retail.

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Considering the amount of the information, there is a danger of losing sight of what really matters under the rubble of reports, statistics and numbers when it comes to analyzing your e-commerce business. Therefore, in the very beginning, it is smart to determine which metrics and KPIs to track.

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What are the tools and trends will influence the ecommerce area and online shopping habits in 2017?

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What should be done in regards to security measures to ensure that your e-commerce customers’ data will be safe and sound and away from thieves? Let’s talk about that.

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